You are  welcomed to wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable  with, from  a dark two-piece, to topless, to nude.  


We  ask that you wear a dark  colored swimsuit, boxer briefs or speedos.  Sorry guys, we don't allow  our male clients to go nude. NO EXCEPTIONS  



  • moisturize 
  • get your mani/pedi prior to your airbrush appointment. 
  • wax (up to 24 hours before)


  • shave/exfoliate (up to 6 hours before) PS... Try our TAN-OFF mitt 
  • wash your hair (get your blowout)   
  • plan ahead and pack loose dark clothing following your airbrush  session. NO JEANS. 
  • bring flip flops! (Would you put on socks and  sneakers right after you get a pedicure? No way)! Unless it's raining..
  • we want to be your last stop


  • shower & be sure your skin is free of lotion, makeup,  perfumes, deodorant, oils, or any other product that may act as a  barrier. 
  • remove all jewelry and delay wearing it until a few hours after your  tan. 
  • do not work-out, sweat  or get wet for 12 hours after your airbrush session. It's important  the color sets without contact with water. (if it's raining during your  session, plan for proper coverage to/from your car however, if possible,  we'll happily provide UMBRELLA SERVICE if you forget).


  • For best results please wait at least 8-12 hours or until the following  morning before showering in lukewarm water. 
  • When washing your hands,  avoid submersion in water. As this will increase fading. Utilize hand  sanitizer. 
  • Wear dark loose fitting clothing until first shower. Solution  washes out of most fabrics but, can stain more delicate materials such  as silk, nylon or wool. 
  • Avoid thick heavy socks. Avoid perspiration.  Wait to exercise until after your first shower. 
  • When you take your  first shower. You will see some color wash off. Don't worry! This is  cosmetic bronzer. You are not washing your tan off.                          


  • Keep your facial routine as simple as possible. The more products, the  faster the color fades. 
  • Avoid long, HOT showers. 
  • Do not exfoliate. Do  not scrub. The more you shave, the faster the color fades. 
  • Avoid  applying perfume directly to your skin. 
  • Hot Tubs & Swimming Pools  will fade your tan. 
  • Avoid toothpaste with a whitener in it. (or.. don't be messy)
  • Avoid bar  soap; Dove soap completely. Do not use a washcloth or loofah. Gently use  your hands with shower gel. 
  • ALWAYS pat dry after your shower. Do not  rub skin dry. 
  • HYDRATE! Hydrated skin is essential to maintaining a long  lasting tan. Slowing the process of natural skin exfoliation.  
  • MOISTURIZE! Like you never have before! Doing this at least twice a day  will elongate the life of your tan. We recommend using "Hush Tan  recommended Extender's" For best results.
  • Touch-ups spray for between  sessions, we suggest  a Bronzing Spray recommended by "Hush Tan".                         


  • Begin a few days before your next bronzing session, make sure to remove  every last trace of color on the skin.
  • Begin taking hotter, longer  showers or baths. This will help speed up the exfoliation process. 
  • We  recommend gently exfoliating, using coconut or baby oil during hot  shower or bath. Then take a wash cloth and gently scrub areas on the  body that still have color.  
  • Excessive  scrubbing can dry out or irritate the skin. It may take a couple of  showers to get the color off completely. 
  • don't forget to pay  attention to the areas you don't see, like the back of the knees and  neck.